About Us

Today Blissology comes from Austin, TX where each bar of soap is lovingly crafted by Shannon Hames.  But it hasn’t always been just that way. How we got here is not altogether a short story, but if you’re curious, we’ll tell you about our path to bliss.

It all started in 1999 in Colorado when Shannon’s mother, Pam got curious about how her grandparents made soap. She started experimenting and then improved on their recipes. What began as an innocent exploration of culture and science soon had Pam’s kitchen (and bathroom, and dining room, and basement) overflowing with soap. So naturally, she started sharing it with her friends and family. Everyone loved it so much, why, they were willing to pay for it! Pam called her fledgling soapery “Mountain Homestead Soaps.”

Unfortunately, a few years later, Pam and her two youngest daughters were in a terrible car accident. Rehabilitation was long and hard, and she had to close the shutters of her little business.

When Pam could walk again, and started to feel better, people started asking her for her products again. They begged, bribed, and pleaded, but emotionally, she wasn’t ready.

Finally, in 2007, her oldest daughter, Shannon, gave Pam the final push. She cleaned out the old soap room in the basement of their house, brushed away the cobwebs, and uncovered all Pam’s old recipes. When the room was organized, Shannon told her mother that they were going to make soap. Together.

The soap master taught her daughter what she knew, watching her new apprentice closely because it is hard, precise work. It didn’t take long before they knew they had to share with others again. But first, they had to make one more change – the company name. Blissology was born.

Thousands of soap bars and a host of other products found their way into people’s hands. Pam and Shannon were on a mission to spread bliss with their luxurious creations. But more life challenges arose. First, Shannon returned to college to complete her Anthropology degree. Then, Shannon’s younger sister and Pam’s middle daughter, Ashley, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The next several years burst their soapy bubble and all energy went toward caring for Ashley and her son. She was such a fighter!

Here’s a little message from Ashley, something she wanted for everyone:

In 2017, a year after Ashley earned her angel wings, Shannon decided to return to her path of bliss. She wanted to make things that make others happy, just a little something that could make every day for them just a little better.

There’s a little bit of science in all of this happiness, that’s why we call it the Science of Bliss. Blissology.