Why should I buy handmade soap?

Handmade soap from The Science of Bliss is created in small batches with very high standards for ingredients and aesthetics. Our artisan soap has only skin-loving oils and they retain the glycerin that's a natural part of the soap making process. Commercial bars will remove this humectant (which means it draws moisture to your skin) because they can make more money by adding it to other products like lotions. 

Buying handmade soaps supports small businesses and families. We often form a genuine connection with our customers that goes well beyond simple transactions.

How long have you been making soap?

Over a decade! The Science of Bliss is a multi-generational soap company. For the long story, check out 

How can I make my soap last longer?

How long your soap bar lasts depends on a lot of different factors.  On our end, we cure our soap for a minimum of 4 weeks (usually much longer) so extra water can evaporate and the bar can harden.

The best way to ensure your soap lasts once you take it home is to store it in a cool, dry place. (Bonus - it will make closets or drawers smell amazing!) Once you start using it, be sure to let the soap dry out completely between uses. Don't let it sit in any water, and keep it out of the direct spray of the shower when you're not lathering up.

What ingredients do you use? 

The Science of Bliss soaps are made with high-quality vegetable-based oils and butters. Each of the 7 oils in our base recipe have different traits that together create the perfect bar. Some make it lather beautifully, some make it harder, and all are really great for your skin. 

Do you wholesale? 

Yes! If you're interested in carrying The Science of Bliss products in your store, please check out our Handshake online store. If you have questions, feel free to email us at thescienceofbliss@gmail.com.

Do you have a physical store location/Can I pick up my order directly from you?

We do not currently have a physical store location. You may have a stockist nearby that carries some of our products. If you are local in Longmont, CO and would like to arrange for a pickup or local dropoff, please email us at thescienceofbliss@gmail.com before placing your order.

Can you make me a custom product?

We love creating custom products specially. Whether it be for a wedding, baby shower, special occasion, or just because you want something for yourself, we're happy to work with you to create just what you want. Email us at thescienceofbliss.com with your ideas for a quote.

How long will it take my order to get to me?

Your order will typically ship within 2 business days. If there is a delay on our end for any reason, we will let you know promptly.

Once we ship it out, delivery time depends on the shipping service and carrier. Most packages we send are via USPS Priority mail which usually takes 2-3 business days right now. We will provide tracking numbers whenever available.

What if something arrives damaged or I want to return something?

Damages and desires to return product are very rare, but it could happen. Please refer to our Refunds & Returns Policy for more info.

Other questions? Email us at thescienceofbliss@gmail.com!