Why Should I buy Handmade Soap?

For the most part, the people that ask this question have never actually tried handmade soap.  Commercially made, mass-produced, store-bought soaps aren't actually "soap" at all.  Rather, they are detergents often made with petroleum products.  They also usually remove glycerin, a natural by-product of soapmaking.  Glycerin is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air to your skin and acts like a natural skin lotion.  Big manufacturers remove it because they can sell it or use it in other products that have a higher mark-up. 

In short, commercial detergents strip skin of good oils, leaving it dry and sometimes irritated.  Blissology soaps gently cleanse without the harshness and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

What if I have sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you should try handmade soap.  If you have very sensitive skin, you should try our Au Natural Soap.  Most of the time, skin irritations are from synthetic fragrances.  Blissology's Au Natural soap has no fragrance added but does have a gentle, lightly earthy scent.  It also has finely ground oatmeal and goat's milk to add to the mildness.  If your skin tolerates that well, then you know it's not soap itself or the oils used to make it that are bothering your skin.  You may even like to try our soaps made with essential oils rather than fragrance oils.

In general, all our soaps are well tolerated even by those with sensitive skin.  If you have known allergies though, please check the label. 

Do you use preservatives? 

Absolutely.  Our number one priority is the safety of our customers.  Products that have water as an ingredient (lotions and creams), or have the potential to have water in them (scrubs) with the exception of soap which requires no preservation, we have added safe preservatives in safe concentrations.  Without these additives, the potential for harmful bacterias, molds, and other growths are frightening.  Even if preservative-free lotions and products are refrigerated, the shelf-life is extremely short and we refuse to sacrifice your safety just so we can say our products are "natural." 

What about parabens?

Blissology products do not include any parabens or formaldehyde. 

What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

Essential oils are derived from various parts of plants.  Fragrance oils, however, are synthetically made.  There are some wonderful scents that cannot be found in essential oils so we use both.  For instance, there is no such thing as apple, melon, cucumber, or sea breeze essential oils.

Will Blissology soap last as long as commercial soap?

Almost.  Because Blissology soaps still have the naturally occuring glycerin and is a well-balanced (hard, but not drying or harsh; moisturizing, but not too soft) soap bar, it is not as hard or dense as commercial soaps.  However, if you let your soap dry between uses, and don't let it sit in a puddle of water after you're done bathing or showering, then it lasts a good long time.  Trust me, you will definately get your money's worth.

Is there lye in this soap?

Yes and no.  Caustic Sodium hydroxide (lye) was used to make the soap but there is no lye in the soap.  Lye is required to make all soap.  Let me say that again.  All soap is made with lye.  If it wasn't, then it isn't soap.  In the soapmaking process, sodium hydroxide, water, and oils produce a chemical reactions (called saponification) that yields soap and glycerin.  

What is the difference between Vita-Skin lotion and the other lotions?

Vita-Skin lotion has extra vitamins and oils added to it to give it an extra boost in antioxidants and skin-loving nutrients.  All Blissology lotions have vitamin E, but Vita-Skin also has panthenol (vitamin B5) and Red Raspberry Seed Oil.  These are excellent for skin regeneration and moisturizing potential.  Red Raspberry Seed Oil is also high in linoleic fatty acids and antioxidents which could aid against free radicals that damage and age skin.  It is also lightly scented with a specially formulated blend of essential oils that is calming and excellent for all skin types.

Does this lipbalm have sunscreen in it?

No.  Adding an SPF factor and calling a product sunscreen or block requires certification from the FDA as it would then be a drug, not a cosmetic.  It's a very expensive process and as much as we'd love to have it, it's not viable for us at this time.

I tried the Moon Cream and love it, but now I see there's Rosewood Oil in it.  Isn't that an endangered species?

It is.  There have been a lot of problems with illegal logging of the trees and destroying lots of forest around them as the wood is prized in cabinetry and woodworking.  However, our Rosewood Oil comes from a renewable source of sustainably harvested trees in Brazil.  The Brazilian government, prompted by public outcry, has come a long way in helping to protect and preserve the future of these trees as well.

We're so thankful to have this source because Rosewood essential oil is so excellent for skin.  It helps to regenerate and rejuvenate skin due to its cell stimulation and tissue generation properties.  It's a balancing oil which helps to lend our Moon Cream to be great for all skin types.

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