Product Care

About Our Soaps

Our soaps are created in small batches with cold-processing. This means that the glycerin, a natural by-product of mixing soap, is maintained in every bar. Commercially sold soaps remove the glycerin because they can make more money using it in higher-priced items. The glycerin in our bars places a natural emollient next to your skin and draws moisture from the air to your thirsty skin. You'll notice even after the first time you use Blissology soaps that it doesn't dry out your skin.

Every batch we make is superfatted with high-quality, nourishing vegetable-based oils which fortify skin even in the driest of climates.

Our soap takes three to four weeks to cure before we can offer it to customers. Sometimes there may be a wait for your favorite soap, but it will be worth it to ensure that you are receiving high-quality, fresh products without the preservative chemicals used in mass markets.

Caring for your Products

Our products should have a long shelf life. To make them last longer, keep them somewhere dry between uses. We recommend using a well-draining soap-dish too which will ensure that you get the most out of your soap.

Lotions and massage oils should be used within a year of purchase to ensure freshness. Store them at room temperature. Because we do not use questionable preservatives or chemicals in our products, once in awhile you may find a very small amount of water at the top of your lotions. Just dump out the bit of water and give it shake!

We are always experimenting with new smells and ideas. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!
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