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Birth of Blissology

Blissology is a small family business operating from a home in Colorado. And this is the story of how it came to be.

In 1999, Pam started experimenting with making soap. She wanted to know how her grandparents did it, and then she made it better. Her curiosity quickly morphed into a hobby. Soon Pam had more soap than she could use herself, so she started sharing it with friends and family. Everyone else loved it so much that her hobby then turned into a business. It was called "Mountain Homestead Soaps."

It didn't take long before Pam was making other products too. Lotions, and bath salts, shaving lotions, footsie bars, and lip balms. Everything was made with high-quality ingredients and wonderful fragrances.

Unfortunately, a few years later, Pam and two of her daughters were in a terrible car accident. Rehabilitation was long and hard, and naturally there were many other things to worry about besides her soaps.

When Pam could walk again, and started to feel better, people started asking her for her products again. They begged, bribed, and pleaded, but emotionally, she wasn't ready.

Finally, in 2007, her oldest daughter, Shannon, gave Pam the final push. She cleaned out the old soap room in the basement of their house, brushed away the cobwebs, and uncovered all Pam's old recipes. When the room was organized, Shannon (with the help of her dad, Pam's husband), told her mother that they were going to make soap.

The soap master taught her daughter what she knew, watching her new apprentice closely because it is hard, precise work. And then, together, they decided to go into business again.

This time, Pam decided, the name of "Mountain Homestead Soaps" would be replaced. That company was from a much different time in her life, and it no longer reflected who she was or what she wanted to accomplish. The whole family brainstormed ideas, knowing only that the focus now was on "Bliss." Pam's creative husband, Bob, found the new name. "Blissology" which of course means "The Science of Bliss."

Pam Smith

Poncha Springs, CO

Blissful Endeavors
Pam is not only Blissology's main soap and lotion maker, she's also a teacher!  She teaches technology classes to middle-school kids (grades 5-8) and is the district coordinator for the High Ability Learners program.  She loves spending time with her husband, Bob and her dog, a vizsla named Trooper.

Shannon Daniels

Fort Collins, CO

Blissful Endeavors
When not working on Blissology projects like lip balms, footsie bars, and lotion bars, Shannon spends most of her time taking care of her two girls, Dayna and Dylan.  She also likes playing video games with her husband, Max, and writing collaborative fiction stories online.  Shannon is currently a student at Colorado State University pursuing a degree in Anthropology.

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