Blissology is dedicated to using only the best ingredients to create the perfect bar of soap. We keep our batches small and our quality expectations high. It’s important to us that you know everything that goes into the products you choose for yourself and those you care about.

Every Blissology soap contains:

Olive Oil Very moisturizing! Gives soap a lovely, delicate lather.
Sunflower Oil Conditions and moisturizes skin. Full of skin-loving vitamins.
Coconut Oil Creates amazing bubbly lather and makes for a harder soap bar which makes it last longer.
Palm Oil Makes our soap harder and gives the lather a luxurious, creamy feel. We use only sustainable Palm Oil from vendors that are part of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
Cocoa Butter From the cocoa bean, this vegetable fat is really moisturizing and helps to make your soap last longer too!
Shea Butter Extracted from the seed of the karite tree in Africa, Shea Butter is the ultimate in skin-loving luxury. Some of the fats in this butter do not convert into soap which means every Blissology soap has extra moisturizing properties to keep your skin happy.
Castor Seed Oil This long beloved oil has wonderful cleansing properties and gives our soap big, beautiful bubbles in the lather. It’s also a humectant which means it draws moisture to your skin.
Glycerin The soapmaking process results in one molecule of glycerin for every three molecules of soap. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. Commercially made, mass-produced bar soaps extract this important by-product to use in their more expensive products. Blissology soaps retain the glycerin for a more moisturizing, cleansing soap.
Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) Although no lye remains in the soap after the saponification process, all real soap requires lye to make! Without this, you simply don’t have soap.



Other ingredients your Blissology soap may contain:


Colloidal Oatmeal Oats are soothing and gentle and skin. Great for dry skin!
Oat Milk Like colloidal oatmeal, oat milk is moisturizing and gentle. You’ll notice your Blissology soaps with oat milk are super silky and leave your skin extra soft.
Lavender Buds We use these in our Stress-Be-Gone soap. Because they’re pretty! Also, they are very gently exfoliating.
Calendula Flowers You might recognize this by another name – Marigold! These petals impart a bright happiness to some of our soaps.
Essential Oils Approximately half of our soap line includes essential oils. The properties of these oils vary from one type to another, but they also give our soaps the divine scents that you love.
Fragrance Oils Smell is one of our most primal senses and is so important to mood, memory, and overall perception of the world. About half of our soaps include fragrance oils, and we only use phthalate-free ones.
Colorants We use a variety of colorants in our soap. Pigments (like oxides and ultramarines) are usually made in a lab to ensure they are pure, but are identical to those found in nature. Micas are naturally mined, and then are coated on one side with other pigments or colorants which give them some sparkle and sheen. One other ingredient we use to naturally color our soap is cocoa powder which, as you might expect, is a gorgeous chocolaty brown!